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Porto Katsiki of Lefkada in the elite of European beaches

Not one, not two but three Greek beaches are among the 15 best in Europe, according to travel magazine Conde Nast Traveler.

In particular, in second place is the beach Porto Katsiki of Lefkada, a "postcard" beach on the southwest side of the island, famous worldwide for its impressive landscape and clear blue waters.

In 10th place we find Kleftiko of Milos, a magnificent landscape, a complex of impressive volcanic white rocks in the turquoise waters, which can only be reached by sea and is suitable for swimming and exploring.

And finally, in 15th place, are Seitan Ports in Chania, Crete, a magnificent beach a few kilometers outside the city of Chania. Sharp rocks flow into the sea creating three small but impressive coves-harbors- with turquoise, deep blue and turquoise waters.

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